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Introduction to Owl Energy Generating Power Through Wisdom


“OWL is one of the largest high end power engineering consultancies in East Asia with Engineering offices in SE and NE Asia. OWL blends the best of Western management with Eastern service plus an intrinsic knowledge of the various cultures and countries that make up this region.

OWL’s engineers have a deep understanding of the myriad of disciplines required to develop, construct, operate and acquire power plants.

Unlike our competitors we also walk the talk by investing in projects we develop when that is the best solution for the project.

We believe this unique approach of being highly skilled engineers, understanding the local environment and being developers gives OWL a unique approach that serves our clients with the highest level of service.

The owl is considered to be the bird of wisdom and, likewise, OWL has the ability to provide the wisdom required to develop projects in a safe, timely, environmentally friendly, and cost effective manner.”


Although OWL's core business is engineering consulting it also develops projects in which it is an equity shareholder. This unique approach means that OWL understands the risks and concerns of its clients in more depth than its competitors whether they be boutique or global consulting companies.

Concept to Cash

OWL has the technical and techno-commercial understanding to take any energy project from its initial concept and developing it into a profitable asset. We also have local and regional connections within the industry that span fuel suppliers, developers, lenders and insurers meaning that OWL can commence working on a project when it is just a twinkle in someone's eye then act as consultant and advisor to bring the project through to maturity.

OWL engineers have a proven track record of successfully completing projects throughout the project lifecycle.

OWL can enter an opportunity at the very start of a project including performing Feasibility Studies and undertaking tendering. By engaging OWL early on, we are fully able to leverage our knowledge to find the maximum value for a project.

OWL can take any plan devised during the development phase and, through our project management skills, turn opportunities into profitable assets. OWL can also undertake any number of roles to best suit our clients’ needs including EPC(M) Consultant, Independent Engineer, Owners Engineer and Lenders Engineer.

Once a project goes operational, OWL can add further value by undertaking refurbishment work, due diligence work, or providing O&M services for potential investors / during refinancing.

OWL also has the experience to take on more specialty roles and assignments including insurance reviews, expert witness and market studies.

Please contact one of our offices regarding your specific project needs and how OWL can best address them.”