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Tony Segadelli - Chief Engineer / Managing Director

          Mr. Segadelli has extensive experience in the power generation sector and has spent the last 17 years in East Asia. His work experience covers the full spectrum from pre-feasibility and due diligence studies to tendering, construction management and commissioning to training operations and maintenance teams plus due diligence and insurance reviews. His project management skills, including technical, commercial and legal, have been enhanced by completing a Masters Degree in Project Management. He has led studies on technically challenging fuels and fuel conversion studies as well as managing projects on a range of technologies including coal fired plants, combined cycle gas turbines, gas engines, solar photovoltaic and biomass projects. He is highly experienced in working for Lenders, Developers and Insurers.

Key Staff for Thailand

Anucha Chumchuen - Director of Operations
          Mr. Chumchuen has over 15 years experience as Power Plant Engineer, Project Engineer, and Application Engineer for Burner & Flare Products, QA/QC Engineer (site and factory), Pipeline Engineer, Piping and Mechanical Engineer. His expertise in mechanical engineering covers both coal and CCGT plants throughout the project life cycle including Feasibility Studies, detailed design and construction / commissioning supervision either working for developers or for Lenders. Mr. Chumchuen also has expertise in biomass and solar photovoltaic.

Ronald J. (Ron) Davis - Engineering Manager
          Ronald J. (Ron) Davis is a registered professional engineer with more than 28 years of design, field, and project management experience with major US and multi-national consulting firms. Mr Davis is presently serving as engineering manager for OWL Energy Ltd., an engineering consultancy specializing in high level energy projects, based in Bangkok, Thailand. He has recently served as project director for private equity fund management company based in SE Asia, leading the implementation and execution of solar projects within the region. He has also held numerous project manager and lead engineering roles on projects located throughout SE Asia and the US.

Werawat Niempasuk
Business Development Manager

          Mr. Niempasuk has 16 years of mechanical engineering experience, primarily in the front end engineering sector. His expertise includes thermodynamic modeling, preparing conceptual designs, tendering, cost estimating and developing schedules. His expertize covers both biomass and CCGT technologies.

Kurt Branthover - Renewables Executive
          Mr Branthover has 28 years of solar related experience which has included being operations manager for a solar manufacturer and a consultant. As consultant, he has written bankable feasibility studies and due diligence reports, tendered and contracted major solar farms and been a project manager for construction projects. His largest project was 77MW.

Nikorn Charoensuk - Renewable Executive Assistant
          Mr. Nikorn Charoensuk is an experienced electrical with over 17 years of special knowledge in power plant and high voltage substations with outdoor/indoor switchgear, power transformers, control and protection system, underground cables and overhead transmission lines. He also has experienced for detail engineering design for 10MW biomass (rice husk) power plant and responsible in design review for 660MW coal fired power plant and 34.5MW PV solar power plant.

Prakaipetch Tepmonglkol - Lead Mechanical Engineer
          Mr. Prakaipetch Tepmonglkol is assigned as a senior mechanical engineer. Responsible for project document review and prepare reports for project’s owners, investors or lenders. The scopes of work are such as preparation of conceptual design report, minimum function specification, project’s cost estimation, schedule review, contracts and agreements specification; summarize report and recommendation for project’s owners or financial lenders. Provide recommendation and comment for business due diligent on power plant sell agreement. Prepare feasibility study for renewable power plant.
Past experience in Biomass power plant engineering such as EPC project details design, site engineer, engineering service project planning and management, design review on sub-critical and super critical coal fire power plant, which covers operations and maintenance for package boiler, Biomass CFB, Chiller, Cooling tower, Water treatment, Waste water evaporator, Waste water treatment and Air compressors system and also O&M planning, and Energy management.

Key Staff for Philippines

Dave Maslin - Country Manager
          Mr. Maslin is an experienced energy sector professional working in project development, currently based in the Philippines. He has a proven track record both as a manager and as a Lenders’ Engineer in ASEAN. His power technology experience covers CCGT, coal and hydro projects with emphasis on the techno-commercial aspects, including financing, project risks, contract reviews and resolving socio-environmental issues both during general development and as Lenders’ Engineer.A key project in Dave’s career was as Lenders Engineer on the Nam Thuen 2, 1090MW hydroelectric project in Laos PDR. As Project Manager for the Lenders’ Technical Advisory team Dave provided leadership and guidance to the financing parties to support securing financing on this environmentally and socially sensitive project.Mr Maslin has been the Project Manager for all aspects of the Lenders' Technical Advisor on a number of projects. In these roles he has had the overview and provided guidance on the engineering aspects of the project as well as the environmental and social aspects (generally referred to as the Safeguards). Many of the projects have required reviews against the IFI standards (ADB, World Bank) as well as the Equator Principles and local regulatory requirements. He is very experienced in managing and directing teams to ensure the required information is made available for Lenders to obtain their internal approvals.

Jose Artemon “Jojo” M. Luna, Jr. - Senior Mechanical Engineer
          Mr. Artemon has 31 years of power plant experience. A large part of Mr. Luna’s working experience has been related to the monitoring, assessment and performance testing of the various power plants of the National Power Corporation (Philippines). He has extensive experience of plant assessment and trouble-shooting when he was working at the Metro Manila Regional Center (MMRC) of NPC where he was tasked to prepare outage reports and equipment technical specifications. His technical knowledge in power plant was enhanced when he finished his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (Major in Heat and Power) at the University of the Philippines in 1992. He has worked in the Efficiency & Reliability Department of NPC where he conducted capacity and heat rate tests of coal, oil, diesel and gas turbine power plants in connection with the Energy Conversion Agreements of NPC with the Independent Power Producers (IPPs). He was also involved in the sale of the excess power of NPC when he became Head of the Operating Team of the One-Day Power Sale Program. He was one of the pioneers during the setting-up of the Philippine Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) when the WESM Rules of the Philippines was being drafted. He supervised the preparation of the first billing and settlement statements that were issued by the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC) being the first Head of the Settlement and Reconciliation Unit. He eventually became the Head of the Billing and Settlements Department of PEMC. Mr. Luna was a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Mapua Institute of Technology where he taught Power Plant Engineering and related courses. He was hired by Palm Concepcion Power Corporation as Mechanical Engineering Specialist where he was responsible for the all mechanical engineering aspects during the evaluation of the bids submitted by the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) Contractors.

Gody Miranda - Senior Electrical Engineer
          Mr. Miranda’s working experience has primarily been power plant assignments in Asia and high voltage GIS Substation in the Middle East. He has over 21 year experience in power plant and over 6 year experience in high voltage AIS/GIS substation. He has significant management and technical experience in thermal, gas turbine and coal thermal plant and substation operation and maintenance, as well as electrical equipment installation, testing, commissioning, repair and troubleshooting.

Rob Fothergill - Project Manager
          Mr Fothergill is a Chartered Electrical Engineer with 22 years of experience in Power Generation in the DCS, Control, Instrumentation and Electrical disciplines. Experience has been gained in all areas including the design and test phase, construction and commissioning phase, defect liability (warranty) period and the operation and maintenance of plant.He joined OWL after being the Project Engineering Manager for 6x800MW supercritical Kusile coal fired power project in South Africa. Prior projects include 3x700MW Manjung Coal Fired Power Project in Malaysia; 2x660W Hoping Coal Fired Power Plant in Taiwan; and 2x609MW Sual Coal Fired Power Plant in Philippines. Mr.Fothergill is Project Manager for several solar projects being constructed in the Philippines.

Justin Lunar - Senior Civil Engineer
          Mr. Lunar accomplished his Structural Engineer, with more than 21 years experience in the field of Engineering. Majority of his experience had been spent in detailed Engineering design, especially on steel and concrete structures for residential, commercial, petrochemical and mining facilities. Proficient in StaadPro, PCA softwares, Microsoft softwares, MathCAD, AutoCAD, and other design softwares. The job exposure enabled him to be familiar with different codes of practice used in the Philippines, Vietnam, Africa, North and South America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. He mostly utilized ACI, ASCE, AISC, UBC, British Codes, Euro Codes, Australian Codes and NSCP for this structure. The American Petroleum Institute (API) Design Codes was used for structural components of heat exchangers located either in land or off shore. He also applied non-English Structural codes such as Mexican, Nigerian, and Turkish in his designs