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ADB finances its first utility-scale PV plant in $160 million deal

Asia’s largest IPP receives funds to develop renewable energy assets in line with Indonesia’s plans to increase renewable generation to 23% by 2025. The ADB’s support for PV at this scale is novel and could help overcome financing gaps that have hindered PV development in emerging nations

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OWL Energy to play pivotal role in Philippines' renewables strategy.

The country seems to be geared up to become increasingly green but where does this leave coal?

The solar gold rush in the Philippines is finally over, and the increase in new projects have slowed down on the back of a more rational approach rather than with a “build, build, build” mentality. This bodes well for the sustainability of the solar sector and for individual companies that aim for more steady and less risky projects.

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Interview with OWL Energy Managing Director Tony Segadelli at the POWER-GEN Asia 2017

Southeast Asia's solar industry thrives amidst dimming market expectations

The solar boom may be fizzling out in some countries, but definitely not in Southeast Asia.

When forecasters proclaimed slower solar photovoltaic (PV) installations worldwide this year as developed markets near saturation, it put investors under even more pressure to determine whether Southeast Asia would be the next fountain of solar growth. Analysts see the potential of this region of roughly 600 million people, especially as governments and developers have started to untangle the web of strict regulations, outdated technology and poor infrastructure that has been constricting investment in Southeast Asian solar projects. But the sheer amount of work to be done puts the region a long way off from reaching a solar renaissance.

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OWL Energy continuously provides quality and reliable industry advice in a changing region

Good engineering solutions in a service-oriented manner.

Even as power projects across Southeast Asia continue to grow and diversify, power engineering consultancy firm OWL Energy is showing how it is not just able to keep up with the changes, but is also proactive in helping clients keep abreast with industry developments.

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“Tony spoke at the 5th Power Southeast Asia Conference and Exhibition 2017. He spoke on LNG and CCGT providing both technical and techno-commercial perspective.”

500 MW solar & biomass project signing in Hue,
Vietnam. OWL is the Technical Advisor

OWL Energy swoops in on solar opportunities in Southeast Asia

Philippines Power & Electricity Week 2016

Philippines team at the IBC “Philippines Power & Electricity Week 2016 - Coal Power Generation” seminar.

From left to right the photo shows:

                · Rob Fothergill – Philippines Engineering Manager

                · Me – I spoke on “Ensuring Power Supply Security and Generation Efficiency from Coal”

                · Dave Maslin – Philippines Country Manager – he was the Chairman for 2 sessions

                · Jojo Luna – Philippines Senior Mechanical Engineer

Owl Site Team during construction

Helios 60MW Solar Project Goes On Line in the Philippines

Snowy Owl Energy Inc (the Philippines division of the Owl Group) are proud to be the Owners’ Engineer on the Helios Solar project located in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The plant achieved grid synchronization in early March, in time to qualify for the Feed In Tariff.

Our team have undertaken the design review, project management and site management on behalf ofSacasun, a joint venture between Aboitiz Power and Sunedison. Working closely with Nari, the Chinese based offshore EPC Contractors, and JCE, the onshore contractor, we have support the construction of the plant which has been completed in under 6 months. Prior to the EPC award, Owl were responsible for preparing the EPC Tender specifications, EPC bid evaluation and contract document preparation. Our team will remain on site for several month managing the defects liability period and punchlist, before final turnover to the owner.

Engineering Manager Mr Rob Fothergill on top of the control building during the inauguration

Snowy Owl completes Cabanatuan 10.26MW Solar Plant in Luzon, Philippines

Snowy Owl Energy Inc (the Philippines division of the Owl Group) attended the inauguration of the Cabanatuan 10.26MW Solar PV plant in Luzon, Philippines on March 14th, 2016. As Owners’ Engineer, Owl undertook project management and design reviews for the plant, with a site team overseeing the activities of the EPC contractor. Our staff were also in attendance during commissioning, enabling the plant to be completed in time to meet the Feed In Tariff deadline of 15 March, 2016.

The OWL Energy Manager Director, Mr.Tony Segadelli wass Quoted in the October 2015. Issue of Asian Power Magazine.

Issue of Asian Power Magazine

Mr.Tony Segadelli speaking at Power-Gen Asia, 2015.

Latest issue of “OWL has been engaged as the Lenders' Engineer on the first CCGT IPP in Myanmar. The role covers technical, techno-commercial plus socio-environmental aspects.

The plant is 225 MW Myingyan CCGT, which will be constructed near Mandalay.
The project will comply with Multi-Lateral Guidelines and Regulations.
The role covers pre-financing, construction and loan repayment periods.”

“Asian Power Magazine Article on OWL Energy.”

To read the full article, follow this link:
Asian Power Magazine Article on OWL Energy.

Philippine ISO 9001:2008 Audit Successful

On December 12, 2014 the Snowy Owl Energy office in Manila was audited by SGS for Certification of ISO 9001:2008. The audit was successful and the Certificate is being processed at this time and it is anticipated it will be received by January 20, 2014 in time for the Snowy OWL 2nd Anniversary party. This is a great achievement for the OWL Group as OWL is the only company in our sector that has received this certification.

The OWL Team consisting of Tony, Anucha and Ralph attended the Coaltrans Emerging Asian Market Coal Markets Conference held in HCM, Vietnam on November 4-6, 2014.Tony was the Chairman of Session 7 where he have a presentation on Boiler Technologies applicable to Asia.

Received the ISO 9001:2008

Last year OWL Energy received the ISO 9001:2008 Certification and is the only consultancy service (that we know of) that has achieved this status. On September 17, 2014, we were audited for recertification and received ZERO nonconformance’s and again certified as ISO9001:2008.

This is a big achievement and goes a long way to ensure our customers know we provide great QUALITY Service.

Tony Segadelli, Managing Director, OWL Energy, was quoted extensively in an article titled "How the coup in Thailand is affecting the country's power sector" in the August issue of ASIAN POWER Magazine. Tony was utilized for the article as he is considered an expert on the Asian Power market.


OWL was the OE on the first solar project in the Philippines at San Carlos and the plant is now in operation on May 15, 2014.

President Aquino attended the inauguration ceremony along with Senator Loren Legarda.

OWL held it 4th year of success on Thursday 12th September 2013

Due diligence for Krabi Biogas Project

Owl’s role is the lender’s engineer conduct periodically site visit and monthly report.

FS for TSE Renewable Hybrid Project
Owl is to do feasibility study for the combination of solar thermal and biomass power plant in effective way to gain highest availability and performance of the plant.

RATCH Coal Reserves Estimation
Owl joins with coal expert partner to perform coal available study of a coal mine in Myanmar.

18MW CFB Project Firing Sugarcane waste – San Carlos Biopower Inc – Philippines (April 2013 – ongoing)
Owl role is Employer's Representative, Project Management of the Chinese EPC Contractor, including design review, schedule management, quality control plus construction and commissioning supervision.

2x25 MW Gas Engines Power Project – Gunkul Engineering Public Co.,Ltd (March 2013 – ongoing)
Owl is to conduct a site visit, write a Due Diligence report, review Power Purchase Agreement, review engineering conceptual design, review of interconnection point, review of Gas Engines, review EPC Contract, review construction license.

1 MW Gasification Project, Singapore (2012-ongoing)
OWL is providing technical support during the development phase of a gasification project in Singapore for a Confidential Client.

PTT LNG Phase II – Technical Advisor
Technical advisor for civil data collection, design fire fighting system, review foundation design drawing for LNG tanks and estimation of M&E equipment and recommendation the local supplier for M&E work.

5x8MW TSE Solar Due Diligence - Lender Engineer
OWL is to write a Due Diligence Report that reviews the key risks and support other lender’s advisors including insurance and financial model auditors.

BRP Steel Transformer Incident, Thailand: (2012 – ongoing)
Investigated a large power transformer failure incident which occurred at a steel mill near Rayong, Thailand.

Vietnam PM3 Generator Incidents, Vietnam: (2012 – ongoing)
Performed a desktop study to assess the root cause and overall impact of a generator failure incident which occurred at a large combined-cycle power plant in southern Vietnam.

1.2MW PTP Solar LE: (2012 - ongoing)
Write a Due Diligence Report that reviews the key risks and techno-commercial parameters.

330-540MW Toledo CCGT / CFB Hybrid Power Plant Project, Cebu, Philippines (2012 - ongoing)
Technical Advisor for development of hybrid power project. OWL will analyze the optimal configuration and methodology for integrating the facilities.

0MW Giant King Grass Power - Feasibility Study
Write a Bankable Feasibility Study for one of the largest biomass power projects in the world and then tender it on an EPC basis.

5x8MWAC Solar Power Project, - Owner Engineer
OWL is to review TOR, assist in EPC Bid Evaluation selection and Design Review and Construction Management for solar projects for five sites location in Thailand.

30MW Solar Power Portfolio – Owner Engineer
OWL is to perform Design Review and Construction Management for solar projects which separated under two companies with three provinces site location in Thailand.

900MW CCGT IPP Bid Solicitation Project, Phatum Thani, Thailand (2012 - ongiong)
Technical Advisor for Confidential Client for the upcoming Thai IPP bid solicitation. The project commences with development of a Feasibility Study and is followed by tendering of the EPC Contract and submission of a bid to the Thai regulator EPPO